Hotel Diskobay

Hiking around Qasigiannguit

The backcountry of Qasigiannguit is a great place for hiking, for experienced and inexperienced hikers alike. Explore the soft hills or climb the high mountain, enjoy our panoramic views and find a spot to soak in the sun. Back home at the hotel it is time to rest your feet and enjoy the view from the terrace. Hiking boots are recommended.

Eqalunnguit - Place of the Swift Current 

Walk through town and get on the yellow marked path to Egalunnguit, where the Tasersuaq lake meets Salmon Bay: a prime spot for catching trout when in season. Make your own version of this path and explore the area by the lake or climb up the small mountains. Approx. 5 km each way.

Kangerluluk - Paradise Bay

Walk past the museum and the dog areas while heading for the radio antenna. This is the starting point of the blue path, which takes you to Bryghusbugten, where Qasigiannguit was first foundet. Cross the small stream twice, first down by the beach and then higher in the terrain. The path takes you up to Bing's Cave and then down to the beautiful a Paradise Bay. Here you can enjoy dipping you toes in the water and explore the colorful boulders on the sandy beach. The hike can be continued along the mountain side to the waterfall. Heading home, the hike can easily be extended around the small lake, over the hills and by Krudthuset. Approx. 5 km each way, 7 km to the waterfall. 

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