Hotel Diskobay

Hiking around Qasigiannguit

Qaqqarsuaq - The High Mountain

The climb up the front of Qaqqarsuaq (450 m) is quite steep but the stunning view to the Ilulissat Icefjord, the view of the landscape  and the glimps of the icecap between the mountain tops are well worth the efforts. The path is only marked a few places with yellow arrows. Qaqqarsuaq can also be climbed from its back, following the blue path almost all the way to Paradise Bay and then climbing up behind the small range of mountains.

Nuussuaq - the peninsula in the Tasersuaq lake

A beautiful hike on the peninsula on the lake behind Qasigiannguit. Walk past the museum, the dog areas and turn right after the heliport. Follow the road past the gravel pit from where the path towards the peninsual is easy to find. Enjoy the panoramic view over the lake, the mountains and the bay. Approx. 3 km each way.


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